29 September 2005

My article has been published on afpy.org site web

The translation of my article talking about python and glade has been published on the site afpy.org. It can be found at the address: http://afpy.org/Members/Khaalel/BitPodder

26 September 2005

French translation (traduction française)

[English - Anglais]

The article "
Writing win32 applications with python and glade" has been translated in french language. This translation can be read here: http://nzeka-labs.com/BitPodder_fr.pdf.

[French - Français]

Suite à certaines demandes, j'ai traduit mon article
"Writing win32 applications with python and glade" en français ( qui porte le nom : "Développer des applicatrions win32 avec python et glade" et qui peut etre trouvé à l'adresse suivante: http://nzeka-labs.com/BitPodder_fr.pdf ).

24 September 2005

my article is on PyGTK website !!!

The article I wrote 3 weeks ago about python+glade programming ("Writing win32 applications with python and glade") can be found on the official website of PyGTK since the last monday...


14 September 2005


From today I won't be able to write softwares and articles when I want because I have entered an engineering school: ECE ( a french school in which I will prepare a diploma in data processing and electronic during 5 years ). But I will continue to code Xendor because I don't want to drop out this project I started one month ago, so Xendor will really arise...