09 September 2005


I'm glad to announce you a new release of one of my tools: XPodder.

XPodder is a small podcatcher written with Python + Glade allowing to download or stream audio/video files.

What is podcasting? (from wikipedia.org)
"Podcasting is a method of publishing audio broadcasts via the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a feed of new files (usually MP3s)."

How to use XPodder? Open the soft, click on the Options button, add the link of the RSS Fee
d you want to listen music/view video clip then click on Add button. Now, you only have to select the feed you want to consult and click on the Go button. You have 2 options : you can stream the media by clicking on the Play button or you can download the file with your favorite Download Manager thanks to the Clipboard button.

For the streaming, XPodder uses Media Player Classic: an Open Source media player for windows platform.

To install XPodder, first download and install the GTK+ runtime ( that you can find here ) then download and install XPodder (that you can find here ).
If you have already installed the GTK+ runtime, just download and install XPodder.

PS: XPodder comes with 15 new RSS Feeds.

The sourceforge page of XPodder is http://sourceforge.net/projects/korriban/.